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oh, Boston you're my home

well, I do love that dirty water...

fenway faithful
14 July
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All of the stuff I post is up for the taking, as long as you follow the rules. C'mon people, there's only two...it's not that hard.

My icons are of a variety of subjects...movies, music, celebrities, etc. My favorite, though, are sports-related icons, especially baseball.

Questions? Suggestions? Problems? Email me at bradylady12@myway.com

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Fenway Park layout - crownedlily


I really only have two hard and fast rules for this journal, so PLEASE follow them!

1. Credit - I'm not really anal about asking for credit, but it would be nice if you take something to credit in keywords or userinfo. Credit dirtywatericons...or if you wish, my personal journal (newburyrocks)

2. Hot Linking - Quite simply, don't do this. It eats up bandwidth on my Photobucket account and is just rude. Savve to your own server at all times

...and as always, enjoy!


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