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oh, Boston you're my home
well, I do love that dirty water...
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jonathan papelbon - denied - me
[20] Pride and Prejudice (2005)
[5] Keira Knightley

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He's been most inconvenient since I swore to loathe him for eternity...Collapse )

credit dirtywatericons in keywords
Pride and Prejudice bases by mixed_bases
...and as always, enjoy!
1st-May-2006 11:17 am - Made Another Cut...
bronson arroyo - you will be missed
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I made another cut in the Carmen Kass LIMS at _model_icontest. I just find it funny that when I don't like how a certain icon comes out, it seems like it always wins or something.
22nd-Apr-2006 03:33 pm - Icon Challenge Awards
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
Yeah so, I finally got off my butt and organized my award banners into one entry. Of course, I will keep adding to this as I win awards. I wish I knew how to make a sticky post so it stays at the top all the time.

Yay! So I'm not a loser...Collapse )
19th-Apr-2006 07:49 pm - I Made The Cut!
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
I made it past the first round of the Carmen Kass LIMS at _model_icontest. Awesome...it was the first time I'd entered one.
15th-Apr-2006 06:36 pm - 20 Baseball Icons
bronson arroyo - you will be missed
[5] Chicago White Sox
[4] Boston Red Sox
[3] New York Mets
[2] Colorado Rockies
[2] Misc. Teams
[4] Text

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the boys of summer...Collapse )

credit dirtywatericons in keywords
base credit - wesaucereyes
...and as always, enjoy!
11th-Apr-2006 10:42 am - Gwen Stefani Icons + Banners
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
[5] Icons
[2] Blends/Banners

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damn you've got some wicked style...Collapse )

credit dirtywatericons
...and as always, enjoy!</center
10th-Apr-2006 03:01 am - Wow, I Actually Won Something!
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
Heh, it's been awhile since I won any kind of icon award...let alone come in first. That's why I was surprised to find that I'd won first place in the last Alexis Bledel challenge in femme_icons. That felt kinda good...especially since the day I found it wasn't all that great.

Here's the award I won:

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...and the icon that won it:

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5th-Apr-2006 10:09 pm - Movie + Kristen Bell Icons
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
[6] Armageddon (scenes w/ Ben and Liv)
[5] Coyote Ugly
[3] Legally Blonde
[2] Kristen Bell

Image hosting by Photobucket</a> Image hosting by Photobucket

how about a movie night?Collapse )

credit dirtywatericons in keywords
screencap credit as follows: Coyote Ugly - sinister_beauty, Armageddon rommipullo, Legally Blonde - elohvee
...and as always, enjoy!</center>
1st-Apr-2006 03:04 pm - Random Icon Batch
jonathan papelbon - denied - me
[7] Red Sox Spring Training
[5] Real World : Key West Cast (mainly the girls)
[4] Abercrombie T-Shirt Text
[5] Jake Gyllenhaal
[3] Gilmore Girls
[4] Random

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i'm being pulled in a million different directions...Collapse )

credit dirtywatericons.
base credit is as follows: ST pictures - , Gilmore Girls - exit_66b, Random silver_sunn101, Jake Gyllenhaal - mixed_bases
...and as always, enjoy!
23rd-Mar-2006 03:03 pm - 38 Real World: Key West Cast Bases
the best girls - whorelikedior [at] __he
x] 38 bases of the Real World: Key West cast. Ah, the Real World...the show that started my addiction to reality TV. I think I've watched pretty much every season except the first two. I might use some of these later for icons or something:)
[x] don't really need credit; I just cropped the pictures from the photo album on MTV.com. If you'd like to credit me for the bases credit dirtywatericons
[x] enjoy!

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...when people stop being polite, and start getting real...Collapse )
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